SAI® COMPANY (PRIVATE) LIMITED was established in the year 1962 by its founder and Managing Director for providing services and materials mainly to the oil and gas sectors of Pakistan and the Textile business for the export market. SAI® has its head office in Karachi and branch offices in Islamabad and Lahore. Currently SAI® is very actively involved in the oil and gas business along with other diversified ventures.

From April 1993, Director and eldest son of the founder formally entered the business full time after completing his B.S and MBA from Southeastern University, Washington D.C and now fully responsible for SAI business in all areas of its activities.

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History - SAI Textiles Business
SAI Company started its textile business in the year 1966 when it set up 50 weaving looms at Shershah and made cotton shirting and silk cloth. The printing of design on shirting cloth was done at Rauf Textile Mills, SITE and finishing of cloth was carried out by Jan Finishing Mills.

SAI Company had also set up a garment manufacturing factory in 1967 and had 125 sewing machines, cutting machines, stitching machines, ironing, packing etc., a complete unit of a garment factory.

The shirts made by SAI Company were exported to Sweden, Denmark, Norway, England, and other countries.

SAI Company closed this division in the year 1975.

History – Oil & Gas Business
The first account, which SAI® got in early sixties, was a British company called “Corrosion and Welding Engineering Lt. (CWE).” Redhill, Surrey, England. Later several well-known manufacturing companies such as “Newman Hender” Woodchester, England manufactures of Newman’s plug valve, Stroud Gloucestershire, England, Plug valves, Cooperheat, England, F. A Hughes & Co Ltd., Cathodic Protection Company, England, Winn & Cole Denso Ltd., UK F.A. Hughes & Co. Ltd Cooperheat, England and several other companies signed exclusive sales agreement with SAI®.

In the year 1967 world’s largest manufacturers of welding machines and equipment and inventors of welding electrodes M/s. ESAB Goteborg, Sweden assigned exclusive sales rights for all their products to SAI®, which included variety of automatic, semi-automatic, sophisticated machines and welding plants, which were sold by SAI® in Pakistan, particularly to Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works Ltd., KSEW purchased complete set of Column and Boom Welding Machines, Welding transformers CO2 Welding machines and other hi-tech welding equipment for making Aluminum boats and tank manufacturing from ESAB through SAI®. Similarly Fauji Metals Ltd. purchased complete plant for manufacturing of LPG bottles and Indus Steel Pipes Ltd. purchased plants for manufacturing spiral welded steel pipes from ESAB through SAI®.

In the year 1967 SAI® also became the first and the last exclusive sales representative in Pakistan for M/s. National Supply Company Houston, Texas, which was a subsidiary of M/s. Armco Steel Corporation the second largest steel mill in USA at that time. National Supply Company was the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of complete drilling rigs and drilling equipment, production equipment to the oil and gas industry worldwide.

In the year 1976 for the very first time Oil and Gas Development Corporation (OGDC) now Oil and Gas Development Company Ltd. (OGDCL) purchased American rigs and order for new most modern American rigs and drilling equipment were placed with National Supply Company through the efforts of SAI®.

SAI® exclusively represented all the group companies of National Supply Company for 20 years till its merger and becoming National-Oilwell.

SAI® also represented a well-known manufacturer named Chapman Engineers Inc. Houston, Texas, from the year 1972 and sold one complete gas dehydration plant to OGDC, which was installed at Sari / Hundi Gas field in Sindh Province in the year 1976.

SAI® also represented for a number of years “Thermotool Corporation” Stamford, CT, USA manufacturers of High Frequency welding equipment and sold several pipe welding plants to the then company named Karachi Pipe Mills and Other such pipe manufacturers.

SAI® has also exclusively represented following well-known manufacturers and service companies from 1975 to 1990’s. These accounts were lost due to mergers, acquisitions / sell out and change of management.

  1. Dowell Schulumberger, Paris–Houston.Helped Dowell Schulumberger in establishing their base in Pakistan and got first ever service contract for them from OGDCL and Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL)
  2. Milchem International Ltd. Houston, Texas, later became MilPark Drilling Fluids. Represented Milchem and Milpark for about 20 years and sold lot of their mud chemicals to oil and gas companies in Pakistan.
  3. Joy Petroleum Inc. Houston, Texas. The group comprised several companies such as Baash Ross / Larkin.
  4. Demco Inc. Oklahoma City, OK. Manufacturers of Gate Valves, Mud handling equipment etc.
  5. American Coldset Corporation, Texas. Manufacturers of Diamond Drilling Bits, which were sold to OGDCL and other oil and gas companies in Pakistan.
  6. Reed Tool Company. Houston, Texas. Represented all their product lines such as core bits, pump parts, tool joints and sold products to oil and gas companies in Pakistan.
  7. Mines Safety Appliance (MSA). Pittsburg, PA. Sold lot of MSA Safety equipment to various industries in Pakistan
  8. Ruska International Corporation. Houston, Texas. Sold laboratory-testing equipment to various oil and gas companies.
  9. OTIS Engineering Corporation. Dallas Texas. Exclusively represented for more than 10 years, sold all Otis Products such as Production Packers, Wireline Tools, Safety Equipment to various oil and gas companies in Pakistan till merger of Otis with its parent company Halliburtan.
  10. Applied Engineering Company. Orangeburg, SC. Manufacturers of LPG and LNG plants, oil treatment plants, gas purification plants, etc and sold several LPG plants to the then Indus Gas Company Ltd., Hyderabad, Sindh.
  11. Ross Hill Controls. Houston, Texas. Exclusively represented from 1976 through 1998 and sold several SCR systems to OGDC, installed on their drilling rigs.
  12. Norwalk Turbo. Letham, NY. Represented for many years and sold their gas turbine compressor unit to Pakistan Oilfields Limited (POL) installed on their LPG plant.
  13. McAlpine Kershaw. England. Got the PARCO 18”, 864 Km Long pipeline cleaning job finalized successfully in the year 1996-97.
  14. IRD Mechanalysis (UK) Ltd. Manufacturers of Vibration Monitoring and Dynamic Balancing Machines and sold IRD equipment to more than 20 different organizations in Pakistan.
  15. Exportadora Inc. USA. Worldwide exporting agents for E.H. Wachs Co. manufacturers of cold cutting machines.
  16. Shaffer Valve Co., USA Manufacturers of Actuators.
  17. AZ International, Houston, Texas. Manufacturers of Reamers, Stabilizers, Tool Joints and Rig Accessories.
  18. Dresser Oil Tools. Texas, Manufacturers of Guiberson Production Packers, Wireline Tools, Downhole equipment, Safety Equipment, Gas Lift equipment, etc. Axelson actuators, PSV’s, SSV’s, etc. Represented till their acquisition and merger with Halliburton.
  19. General Valve, manufacturers of Double Block and Bleed Valves, Twinseal Values Plug Valve represented till its acquisition by Cameron Valve & Measurement.
  20. Hydril Company LP (1967-2008) manufacturers of BOPs, Tubulars (Casing/Tubing), Plusation Dampeners, etc. SAI has been Hydril's first and last representative till their acquisition by Tenaris and GE.

Beside above companies SAI® has represented several other well-known manufacturers.

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